The Sales Machine.


Turn your sales practice

into a highly successful business.

The Princeton Sales Machine isn't about quick fixes. It's about the innovative application of proven business techniques to the mortgage industry. It represents the culmination of decades of mortgage experience, research, consulting, and case studies from the top salespeople in the US.    

We don't have sales managers.


We have found that A players don’t want managers, they want a support system that can help them achieve their goals. People who lack self-discipline and self-motivation need to be managed (B and C players). We don’t want to work with people that need to be told what to do. We want to hire great people who tell us what to do. We hire A players and foster an environment where they can thrive. Few companies have any understanding of how to create, train, manage and help loan originators thrive. We do. And we use data to get better at it every day.  




The only way to really grow is to attract, develop and retain the best people. Our Culture is designed to help motived people thrive. Meet our team.

Freedom & Responsibility




Design, build and deliver what our customers want: The Effortless Mortgage. Ranked top 1% out of 1,000 financial firms for customer satisfaction.

Partnership between Sales and Ops to deliver The Effortless Mortgage. One Team, One Dream with the Princeton Promise: If for any reason our customer is unhappy they get $1,000 at closing.

Self-replicating hiring program that allows everyone to earn passive income from helping the team grow.

Earn up to $5,000 of residual income for each LO you sponsor into the company. Period. You also earn residual income when the people you sponsor introduce people to the company!

Help people become the person capable of behaving in the way that will lead to the outcomes they want.

Weekly accountability meeting with mentor, coach or accountability partner.


Introduce people to the skill sets and tools needed to achieve their goals.

Weekly interactive virtual sales trainings.

Allow Loan Officers to conquer the whirlwind by having immediate access to solutions, information and support.

Centralized seven day / week Loan Officer support: call, text, email, skype to answer all questions (loan structuring, systems, technology, HR, etc).


Generate customer and referral leads for the sales team to convert. Lead generation is prospecting based, marketing supported.

We attract customers and referral partners to us through inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Digital presence; 8x8 demand generation; click-funnels; direct-to-consumer lead acquisition.



Increase productivity and results of salesperson activities through technology, automation, and data integration.

Digital mortgage, CRM, database management, sales technology support, proprietary realtor information. 

The only way to really grow is to attract, develop and retain the best people. Our Culture is designed to help motived people thrive.

Anyone can be a mentor and anyone can be a mentee.  It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – the best mentors attract the best mentees. The relationship can stop at anytime and the mentor earns 5 - 25bps.





439 Grand Avenue

Ewing, NJ 08628

*The Princeton Promise is subject to applicable lending rules and regulations and is subject to change.

The Effortless Mortgage™