It's your future.

Build it with passive, residual income from the Princeton Sponsorship Program.

The Princeton Sponsorship Program allows all Princeton employees an opportunity to earn an unlimited bonus on each Loan Originator they personally introduce to Princeton in year one, and up to $10,000 in bonuses every year after.


Princeton is committed to being the best place to work – period. To do that we need two things: a great culture and great people.


Great cultures attract, develop, and retain great people. And great people know great people, which is where you come in.

The Princeton Sponsorship Program works like this:

For every Loan Originator you Sponsor, you will receive:

  • 25 bps of their first-year funded volume

  • 5 bps of their funded volume, capped at $10,000, each year after that

For example:

Let’s say you Sponsor a Loan Originator that funds $20,000,000 their first year. At 25 bps of funded volume you would receive a bonus of $50,000! If that Loan Originator repeats the same funding volume in year two, funding $20,000,000, you would receive a bonus of 5 bps of funded volume for $10,000 in year two!


The above example is from Sponsoring just one Loan Originator – imagine if you were Sponsoring two Loan Originators, or three! The numbers really add up with no work from you, it’s passive, residual income!

See chart below for additional examples:







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*The Princeton Promise is subject to applicable lending rules and regulations and is subject to change.

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