Help Who You Want.

Learn From Who You Want.

We have a free-market approach to mentoring. It’s transparent and the value of the relationship is figured out directly between the Mentor and the Mentee. Anyone can be a mentor and anyone can be a mentee. You can even be both if you want. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship – the best mentors attract the best mentees. Nobody wants to be your mentor? Then you’d better do some soul searching as to why nobody wants to invest their time helping you! 

The best way to learn is to teach.

In our system, the Mentee ‘hires’ the Mentor – and can ‘fire’ their Mentor if the relationship isn’t providing value in excess of the cost. Similarly, a Mentor is free to fire a Mentee if the relationship isn’t worth the investment of the Mentor’s time. This ecosystem allows for people to freely choose who they learn from, who they work with and who they teach. There is no one telling you who to work with or learn from – we all figure it out for ourselves based on the value we provide to others.



Mentor and Mentee agree on the economic terms of their relationship. Typically, a Mentee will pay a Mentor 5 – 15 bps for an agreed-upon amount of time in exchange for being mentored. For example, if a Mentee’s compensation is 80 bps and agrees to pay their Mentor 10 bps, then the Mentee would earn 70 bps per loan and the Mentor would get 10 bps on each loan closed by Mentee.


Either Mentor or Mentee can terminate the relationship at any time. We often get asked: “But what if after I help my Mentee they ‘fire’ me because they start doing a lot of deals?” – well then that person is a jerk and you shouldn’t have been working with them! We encourage Mentors and Mentees to agree to time-frames such as 6-month intervals and then have Integrity and do what they say they are going to do. That said, either party is free to terminate the relationship if it’s not working.


Mentors and Mentees should work together to set clearly defined expectations for the relationship in writing. Your coach can work with you to help figure this out.  


All Mentoring relationships must be started and terminated in writing using the standard Mentorship Program Form.  

Note: Mentor Program can be changed or terminated at any time by Company.  







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